Personal Mastery: The Psychology of Happiness & Fulfilment

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This course has been designed with practicality and applicability in mind. What that means is that you'll learn much more than just theory that gives insight. You'll be coached in real-world techniques that you can easily apply in your own life to practically up your skill level and master any aspect of life you want to improve on - relationships, business, sports, academia... literally anything.Become more outgoingImprove your relationshipsBecome happier Gain control of your life and destinyDiscover why you've been setting 'wrong' goals, and how to set 'right' ones insteadLearn to to Instant Mindfulness for incredible self-awareness Unmask the mechanisms of "change" and apply the most powerful model of personal change to yourself.Yes, that sounds like a big promise! But I've personally learned,developed and refined these very techniques to get myself from a poorly educated and physically disabled person to the heights of mastery in many different areas, A black belt martial arts instructorA PADI qualified Master SCUBA Diver TrainerA Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy - with a distinction!And become a Master Trainer in NLP and Neuro-Semantics so I can share these amazing insights with youSo if I can master anything I set my mind to - so can you. I'll teach you how in this course.The course is in three sections, each one systemically supporting the others:The first section reveals three massive mistakes that trip up most people; and they all negatively reinforce each other. If you study happy, successful, resilient people, you'll find they don't make these mistakes. In this section I'll not only tell you what these blind spots to a fulfilling life are, but coach you on how to develop the skills to take control of your own life.The second section goes deep into 'change'. After all, change is a process, so how does it happen, what exactly is the process? I'll teach you how real, generative, long lasting, sustainable change happens. And give you a model you can use to track yourself successfully through the changes you want to make.Lastly, I'll teach you how to master your body and personal states of mind. This is the essential essence of emotional-mastery; absolutely necessary to sustain your positive growth for long term results.


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